Technical Support for Anemia Mukt Bharat Implementation

Government of India has endorsed time bound targets of decreasing prevalence of anemia in several key policy documents recently, such as World Health Assembly targets, Global Nutrition targets, Sustainable Development Goals, National Nutrition Strategy and National Nutrition Mission. In view of government’s renowned commitments, the recently launched Anemia Mukt Bharat (Intensified – National Iron Plus Initiative, I-NIPI) by MoHFW has been designed to accelerate reduction in Anemia prevalenceby 3 percentage points per year among children, adolescents, women of reproductive age group (15-49 years), pregnant and lactating women between 2016-22.

Anemia Mukt Bharat strategy has an approach of covering six target beneficiaries via six interventions, implementation of which will be strengthened by ensuring six robust institutional mechanism. Of the six institutional mechanisms, strengthening supply chain and logistics management and AMB digital dashboard and portal as one-stop shop for Anemia are two mechanisms which require rigorous implementation and monitoring support.


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    Dr. Ajay Khera, I/C DC Child Health
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    Dr. Ajay Khera, I/C DC Child Health
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    Monthly review meeting at the IEG
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    Dr. Narendra Patel at NCEARD training
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    Program Monitoring (PMV-IEG) visit dated 21 May 2019.
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    Program Monitoring (PMV-IEG) visit dated 21 May 2019.



Population Resource Centre (PRC-IEG) has conducted research and evaluations on cross-cutting themes, including nutritional health, fertility-mortality differentials by different social groups, private spending on health and consumption catastrophe, reproductive and child health, demographic ageing in India and South Asia, functional disabilities, migration, urbanisation, political economy of gender etc. PRC (IEG) is extensively involved in studies on policies and programmes of central and state relevance. A number of these studies were sponsored by the MoHFW or other Government agencies like NITI Aayog (formerly Planning Commission)

Under this purview, PRC-IEG (Delhi) proposes to establish a Technical Support Team (TST)for Anemia Mukt Bharat strategy to support MoHFW in effective implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the programme with special emphasis on the two key interventions identified under the strategy- Supply Chain Management and Anemia Mukt Bharat Dashboard Portal.

This proposal highlights key areas where PRC-IEG envisions to provide technical support to MoHFW in the field of Maternal, Child and Adolescent nutrition, that can feed into program policy and design and ensure effective implementation of the programme at the states.


To monitor AMB strategy implementation, capacity building, performance and coverage at various levels across States / Uts.

To provide technical support to strengthen AMB supply chain management, and streamline supplies under AMB at the states.

To update and enhanceAMB Dashboard portalto enable states and districts to analyse and identify course corrections to improveperformance and coverage.

To explore possibility of utilizing existing or developing new IT platform for stock monitoring and supplies for IFA and albendazole(DVDMS, e-Aushadhi, CAS-POSHAN Abhiyaan) from across the country.

To review CNNS based evidence and data analytics and provide support and vital insights on anemia and nutrition to MoHFW and NCEAR-D

To harness expertise and develop partnerships with technical/development partners for seamless integration and upscale of existing good and replicable practices under Nutrition.


Progress achieved from December-March 2019


Set up in January 2019,the technical support team at IEG, against the deliverables agreed upon with MoHFW and UNICEF, have initiated activities to strengthen the two key institutional mechanism under Anemia Mukt Bharat-Supply Chain Management and Anemia Mukt Bharat Dashboard portal

Supply Chain Management– Tools to assess the status and identify gaps in existing supply chain process at the states has been developed and field visits to states (Assam and Jharkhand) have been undertaken. Field observation report on Assam SCM field assessment prepared and Jharkhand in being finalized. Abrainstorming consultation with technical experts is planned (March-April 2019 ) to share the learnings and practise to streamline SCM at the states. It is expected, that the consultation will help identify the challenges and bottlenecks in the existing supply chain process and will aid in developing a comprehensive module along with SoP for streamlining supplies at the states/district/block. A working paper on status and way forward on IFA SCM at the states is in process.

Anemia Mukt Bharat Dashboard Portal After series of meetings and deliberations, the AMB Dashboard has been successfully migrated to IEG server and the Q-4 HMIS data for state across districts have been uploaded on the portal.

Roll out and coordination support: AMB state roll out workshops support given to the states of UP, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. NHM-PIP appraisal on AMB components provided for 36 states and UTs. Furthermore, support to partner institution like NCEAR-A for meetings and consultations, technical inputs on parliament questions and various other documents/guidelines related to MoHFW was also provided.

Data Analytics and Research: The team also contributed in the National Diets Consultation organized by UNICEF and NCEAR-D by participating and developing factsheets on dietary diversity and malnutrition in select age groups across aspirational districts of the country which was launched by CEO-NITI Aayog.


Project Incharge
Assistant Professor
Institite of Economic Growth
North Block, Delhi University

Dr William Joe

Project Incharge
Assistant Professor
Institite of Economic Growth
North Block, Delhi University
Mr. Vinod Kumar TyagiDr. Narendra PatelMr. Anindya Sundar Mandal


Mr. Vinod Kumar Tyagi
Dr. Narendra Patel
Mr. Anindya Sundar Mandal
Dr. William JoeMr. Khobaib AhmadMr. Jitendra Singh

Supply Chain Management

Dr. William Joe
Mr. Khobaib Ahmad
Mr. Jitendra Singh
Roll out and coordination support

Roll out and coordination support

Dr. Ruby Alambusha

Data Analytics and Research

Dr. Ruby Alambusha


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